The LCTA moved into our new office with a great deal of fanfare and fun.  Here are a few photos of the  big event!
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grandopen-763North.jpg (49826 bytes) grandopen-ribboncut-1.jpg (60775 bytes) grandopen-ribboncut-2.jpg (62312 bytes)
763 North Street - Our New Home! The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony! We're Open!
grandopen-CherylMcCormickwithBoard.jpg (30023 bytes) grandopen-Retirementreceptionwasal.jpg (31631 bytes) grandopen-SamHollandwithlong-time .jpg (50303 bytes)
Cheryl McCormick with Board President, Greg Price. Retirement reception was also given for Sam Holland, a cable living legend. Sam Holland with long-time friend and co-worker, Brenda Hatfield.