Our 2002 convention was a great success, filled with good information, insightful panel discussions, fun displays and, of course, great friendships and parties!  To help you remember all of the great times, we are presenting a visual reminder of all the major activities.  Try and find yourself and your friends among these photos of the 2002 Convention!
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Dinner with the Board
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Dinner with the Board
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Kristy Graddy, Sharon Kleinpeter, and Chuck Perrodin show off the Cox-Baton Rouge award for Public Affairs Local Programming. Ron Gautreaux accepts an award on behalf of Charter-Hammond. Brenda Hatfield, Ernest Collins, and Daneen Store accept the award for Cox-New Orleans for Louisiana Cares.
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Bert Carbo presents the award to Time-Warner-Shreveport's Jeanette Towns for the Call Center Initiative. The 2002 Annual Meeting Former Congressman Jimmy Hayes, Rob Rieger, Jr., Esquire, and Dave Thomas, Esquire, made up the morning panel.
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Cheryl McCormick, Chuck Rogers, and Kelly LeBouef pose with our distinguished panel members. Exhibitors chatting and checking out the silent auction table. EWTN's Fred Strok and Contec's Becky Carlotti and Dominic Zennaiter pose for the camera.
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Game Show booth making a play. System Services' Bert Carbo explains his Mardi Gras strategy. USA's Cathy Grzanka explaining why - I LOVE DOGS.
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A very busy exhibit floor! Cheryl and Tyre' pose before the Virgil Evans Award presentation. Crowd anticipates the announcement of the recipient of the Virgil Evans Award.
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President Chuck Rogers presents the prestigious Virgil Evans Award to Diana Rogers-Deville. The first afternoon panel was an update from the Public Service Commission. The second panel introduced LCTA's ad initiative campaign C-PIN.
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The party begins - Jacqui Vines doing the SECOND LINE. Cheryl and Ray jitterbug the night away. Two happy party-goers!
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What are you waiting for - dance!

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