This year's exhibits offered a wide arrange of products, services and friendly presenters. Check out the colorful displays and smiling faces.
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Check out the goods Smiling faces Imparting information
exhibithall-4.jpg (23787 bytes) exhibithall-5.jpg (25666 bytes) exhibithall-6.jpg (27611 bytes)
An intense presentation Listening to the customer Rather happy guys
exhibithall-7.jpg (17413 bytes) exhibithall-8.jpg (20627 bytes) exhibithall-11.jpg (25681 bytes)
The Oxygen representatives Speedvision It's Cable Man!
exhibithall-10.jpg (26803 bytes) exhibithall-12.jpg (20741 bytes) exhibithall-9.jpg (21804 bytes)
More smiling faces The crowds gather Food for the masses
exhibithall-13.jpg (33011 bytes) exhibithall-14.jpg (38228 bytes)
And the masses enjoy The exhibit hall LCTA

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